"I don’t belong to this earth, I believe that here on earth we are limited by time, resources, gravity, rules, racism, liberty, and I don’t belong here. I belong to a world that I believe it exists but can’t be seen. "

                                                   - Melissa Gueiros

Who am I?


Melissa Gueiros is my name.

That drummer girl who is annoyingly happy all the time.

That Brazilian girl who can’t stop being loud.

That school freak who Mastered the visualization of sound.



I won’t stop making sound.

I won’t stop seen sound.

But how? 

Orbiting around rhythms and improvisation, that’s how.

With drums, paint, sculpture, lights, photographs, videos, installations, performance, that’s how.



The experience is what matters.

The moment of absorption of these frequencies of sound is what matters.

The liberated impact of sound waves in one’s mind is what matters.



Drum sounds will propagate beyond walls,

Improvised sounds will shake the ground,

Repetitive rhythms will beat off beat off beat,

Eyes will be opened to the ability to feel,

With the purpose to free the mind every day,

The music just started.



Merging two worlds, music and visual arts.

With the purpose to give an experience of Spiritual freedom, an opportunity to experience the impossible, and bring people together just to give hope for moments like this where we are physically stuck. To cope with this limited world. And just because I cannot make myself stop creating and I just can’t stop making noise!


Melissa Gueiros

Beyond Music

"It’s impossible to see sound they say, but I say it is done everyday. To see the invisible it takes faith. It's existence is perceived in our ability to hear and feel."

                                                   - Melissa Gueiros

i'm an interdisciplinary artist predominantly focusing on drum art. 

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Drum Art is more than making art with a drum set; it is the artistic exploration of defining what drumming is by stretching the structures of music rules